• The Shahnameh

    The Shahnameh: Epic of the Persian Kings by Ferdowsi

    It’s said that if you’re English you must know at least one work by Shakespeare, to be Scottish you must know at least one poem by Robert Burns, and to be Persian you must know at least one tale from Ferdowsi, or to give him his full name Hakim Abu ʾl-Qasim Ferdowsi Tusi. For those of you who don’t know, Ferdowsi is one of Iran’s most treasured, revered and influential poets to have ever lived.
  • Textiles and Memories

    Textiles and Memories

    There I was, an introverted little boy, whose shyness erected an enormous barrier, on the most part, to normal childhood pursuits, a barrier which I would not overcome until my early twenties. However, my imagination and my thirst for learning was confidently strong, dare I say to the point of precociousness. I wasn’t a loner as such, as I always have put a great deal of time and worth into forging friendships.
  • The Wes Anderson Formula

    The Wes Anderson Formula

    Wes Anderson’s multi-layered and multi-faceted feature films continue to garner a massive fan base. Since 1996, with the release of Bottle Rocket, he’s moved from madcap independent cinema to Technicolor mainstream without negating his trademark collection of quirks in the process.
  • The Art of Wrestling

    The Art of Wrestling

    As one of the oldest and most diverse masculine sports, wrestling has taken on many forms since it was first cultivated back in the early days of human civilisation. Today, many of us think of wrestling as a fixed sport, more theatre than actual man-to-man combat. However, the grandiose, ridiculous and money grabbing play acting of WWE et al is only a tiny part of the rich and ancient traditions of wrestling.
  • The Masters of Persian Painting

    The Masters of Persian Painting

    Recently, I picked up a book, published by Batsford London in 1947, the book was titled ‘Persian Paintings’ and inside were 12 colour plates depicting Persian art, ranging from the time of the Safavid’s to the Qajar’s, this was no academic tome either, it was meant for the masses. It struck me then that Europe has had a long love affair with Persian art.

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