• Russian Myths and Legends

    There is something primordial about myths and legends. Nowhere are they more rich and illustrious than in Europe, Russia and the Caucasus, comprising a collection of disparate nations that stretch from the North to the Near East, guardians of civilisation, warrior kingdoms and cultural giants. The myths and legends of these nations are a millennia old, born from Pagan mythology.
  • The Art of Wrestling

    As one of the oldest and most diverse masculine sports, wrestling has taken on many forms since it was first cultivated back in the early days of human civilisation. Today, many of us think of wrestling as a fixed sport, more theatre than actual man-to-man combat. However, the grandiose, ridiculous and money grabbing play acting of WWE et al is only a tiny part of the rich and ancient traditions of wrestling.
  • Seeing Red

    Still an incredibly shy man who immersed himself in the eternal comfort of the arts, I was 22 when I first saw a film by Sergei Parajanov. Having developed a love of film early on in life, I had always known about Parajanov. I was introduced to him properly by chance, whilst reading an article on the cinema of the Caucasus. I soon sought out his 1969 film, The Color of Pomegranates.
  • Hugh Welchman on ‘Loving Vincent’

    What was once destined to be a short film, focusing on the final days of the world’s most revered painter – Vincent Van Gogh – would later morph into a feature film. It was unknown territory for the Polish, classically trained painter Dorota Kobiela, whose idea to create ‘Loving Vincent’ went through numerous reincarnations. After meeting with the acclaimed director Hugh Welchman of Breakthru Films.
  • The Wes Anderson Formula

    Wes Anderson’s multi-layered and multi-faceted feature films continue to garner a massive fan base. Since 1996, with the release of Bottle Rocket, he’s moved from madcap independent cinema to Technicolor mainstream without negating his trademark collection of quirks in the process.

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