Ben Mirza WebHello! Welcome to my website. For those of you who aren’t my family, friends, lovers, colleagues or enemies, and thus have no idea who I am, I’ll introduce myself – I’m a journalist and blogger. As a journalist I focus my attentions on pop culture, fashion and other things I find generally interesting.

Since 2008 I’ve written for various magazines (both digital and print) across the world, from the UK to South Africa, USA to Pakistan. Including Hello Pakistan, The Luxury Channel, Wrapped Magazine,, Bolly Brit, The UK Asian, Bombay Super and others. I currently write on a regular basis for The Huffington Post and The Untitled Magazine. More


Here’s a short selection of my articles for you to peruse….

Manish Malhotra: The Saviour of Indian Menswear

Manish Malhotra

The name Manish Malhotra is known throughout the world; for nearly 20 years he’s been creating the most beautiful and stylish designs, which embody a restless desire to experiment and a unique sense of creativity. Famed of course for womenswear, which has systematically sky rocketed Malhotra into the stratosphere, his menswear collections are equally impressive. Airing towards the traditional, with kurtas, Salwars and Nehru jackets in abundance, his designs are strikingly luxurious, with fine stitching and panoply of regal colours, from burgundy to plum purple. Typifying sartorial grandeur, Malhotra’s latest collection is a microcosm of traditional craftsmanship and exuberance. More

Real Men Wear Pink

Real Men Wear Pink

There’s been no bigger cause of sartorial contention than the subject of men wearing pink. It’s one of the most stupid, yet at the same time, serious issues affecting men’s style. The fears comprise an odd mixture, and are completely devoid of any logic. The biggest fear men have about wearing pink is that they’ll look “gay” but as Amanda Jakubik says in “If you have the confidence to pull it off, nothing is sexier than a man in pink. I say this confidently in an age when gender and sexuality is as polarized as possible.” More

Bahador Kharazmi: Prince of the Underground

Bahador Kharazmi

For over 3000 years Iran has nurtured a rich musical culture, from Zoroastrian, Sufi and Tazieh music to symphonic classical to contemporary pop music. The progression of musical creativity came to an end in 1979, after the Islamic revolution, when all production, promotion and distribution of music were deemed haram (un-Islamic) by the government. However since President Khatami orchestrated a cultural revival, easing the restrictions on producing and promoting domestic pop music in the late 1990′s, an underground scene has taken shape.

Bahador Kharazmi, a music producer and singer/songwriter, formerly based in the capital Tehran, and now in the US, has become Prince of the underground. More